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Our Comprehensive Approach

Dedicated Team

We’re “high-tech and high-touch.” Your brand has a dedicated team at that manages everything from start to finish.

Amplify Your Brand

Amplify your brand’s presence and engage your target audience like never before. Amped offers businesses a gateway to an expansive pool of talented content creators who can bring fresh perspectives and creativity to your marketing campaigns. Our platform streamlines the process of finding, connecting, and collaborating with content creators, making it easy to generate authentic and impactful content that resonates with your audience.

Discover content creators from various niches and demographics, and explore their portfolios, audience insights, and engagement metrics. From sponsored content and product placements to brand collaborations and ambassador programs, Amped provides you with a range of collaboration options to suit your marketing objectives and budget. Forge meaningful relationships with content creators who share your brand’s vision and values, and unlock the true potential of influencer marketing.

Join the Amped community today and experience the power of collaboration. Whether you’re a content creator or a business, Amped is your go-to platform for connecting, creating, and growing together. Unleash your potential, amplify your brand, and take your content to the next level with Amped!

Our Comprehensive Approach

Dedicated Team

We’re “high-tech and high-touch.” Your brand has a dedicated team at AMPED.IO that manages everything from start to finish.

Full Stack , In House

6-Birds-1 Stone Ambassador Marketing

As opposed to other influencer platforms which usually only provide social posts and content, Amped uses the ambassador process to get so much more out of each touchpoint. This is further enhanced by our ambassadors, who are real consumers rather than overrated influencers.

High Quality Content

When it comes to marketing performance in today’s digital environment, content is King! With TikTok taking more and more of the attention of today’s shoppers, influencer follower count becomes less and less important as it’s all about the content. Your dedicated team at Amped will ensure your brand gets high quality content by sourcing top creators.

Social Engagement

Instead of engaging large influencers with high price and low engagement, Amped relies on an army of everyday consumers, who are the real influencers of their friends’ purchasing decisions. These creators have drastically higher engagement than larger influencers, giving your content that much more power.

Honest Social Product Feedback

Your dedicated team at Amped will manage your campaign to ensure you are getting the results you want! Our advanced software tracks quests to ensure you’re getting the posts, reviews, and engagement every time.

Retail Sales & Placement Boost

When your campaign is complete, we will compile insightful reporting and analysis that gives your brand applicable real-world data. These insights are imperative to optimize future marketing insights, messaging, and much more!

E-Commerce Sales

With real consumer ambassadors comes real engagement. Our ambassadors can see engagement rates of 30% or higher, as opposed to traditional macro influencers who have an average engagement rate of around 3%. This drastically higher engagement drives a lot of brand trust and ecommerce conversions.

Amazon Sales

As one of the most important sales channels Amazon plays a central part in the Amped app flows, and our process drives both direct and in-direct sales on the channel.

The Only Real Consumer
Engagement Platform

Define Your Quest

Decide which product you want to promote, what the ask and reward will be and what creator audience you want to target.

Fully Managed Quest Process

The Amped team manages your Quest from start to finish by managing relationships, answering questions and maximizing results.

Use Content & Analyze Results

Get access to incredible whitelisted content links and files for your marketing stack. Amped provides detailed performance reporting for analyze your ROI.

Amped supercharged our digital marketing at the perfect moment in time, when paid ads were getting less and less profitable. Now were able to scale our sales profitably on DTC, Amazon and in retail, while also getting tons of content for evergreen use.

Tobias Topel

CMO, Sacheu Beauty

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